Family Office

The words ‘Family Office’ have many different meanings in today’s financial world. Historically, the family office was set up to manage the financial affairs and resources for one individual family, often pooling assets from the wider family to provide access to more attractive investment options and providing perceived economies of scale. However, setting up your own full service family office will take time and involve considerable expense, particularly in infrastructure and staff costs.

GlenQ Family Office therefore exists to provide an efficient and cost effective solution based on your own individual needs and circumstances.

We understand that you have worked hard for your wealth and we further understand how important it is to preserve this and provide for your family and future generations to come.

We will take the time to listen to your aims and aspirations, working closely with the family to become your ‘trusted adviser’. We believe that our role involves more than just managing assets, we aim to become a valuable family resource enabling you to spend more time focusing on the things that you enjoy the most, whether that be driving your business to the next level, quality family time or furthering your philanthropic ambitions.



There are a significant number of factors to consider when deciding what solution you require but we often start with a couple of simple questions to start the process:

What are you trying to achieve?

There are many factors here but some of the most important may be:

Succession planning – ensuring wealth is passed efficiently to the next generation

Asset protection – ensuring that the wealth is managed in line with your wishes, within your existing investment and risk strategies.

Control – you may wish to retain direct control of the management of your wealth and also allow your family to be involved in the process. We can provide a solution that allows you to do this.

Privacy – wealth can be moved into other vehicles without your identity being readily known to the public.

What services do you need?

At GlenQ we work very closely with our clients to ensure that we clearly understand their needs and wishes.

We can offer a full range of services that you may need – whether that be appointing an investment manager or assistance with your search for a suitable school or university for your children.

All services are included in one simple, fixed fee, providing a very cost effective solution. We can go that extra mile for you without worrying about excessive time costs and unexpected invoices – giving you additional peace of mind.

What structure to use?

GlenQ will identify and, in conjunction with you and your advisers, find the most appropriate solution:

A trust and company structure will offer many of the advantages we have previously noted and the trustees at GlenQ we work closely with you to ensure that your needs and wishes continue to be met.

A Jersey Foundation combines many of the benefits of a trust and company and is more familiar to clients from civil law jurisdictions. The client, or Founder, will incorporate the foundation and can appoint family members or trusted advisers to the Council, which makes all the day to day decisions.

For a unique, bespoke alternative where more control is needed and the clients, or their advisers, are to be directly involved, a Private Trust Company (PTC) may be the solution. A PTC is set up for the sole purpose of acting as a trustee for a single family trust, with family members able to sit on the board of the PTC with direct responsibility for all decisions made. Professionals are appointed to manage the trust assets with GlenQ acting as administrator, to action the trustees` decisions and take care of day to day administration. It is not open to general public and does not require to be registered with the local regulator in Jersey.

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