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Fund & Corporate Services

Private Funds & Corporate Services

GlenQ offers a bespoke service to a select number of corporate clients and private investment fund managers, providing cost effective solutions to their requirements.

Private Funds

Private investment funds (PIF) are available up to a maximum of 50 investors and are subject to lighter regulation than public funds. Interestingly however, there is no limit to the maximum asset value of a PIF. Private funds may be structured through a company, unit trust or a limited liability partnership through our Jersey office, providing a tax neutral jurisdiction with a tested and robust legal framework.

Corporate Services

Our corporate clients often find that they have a need for a structuring vehicle in a neutral and well regarded jurisdiction. These may include Special Purpose Vehicles, trusts or holding companies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Asset holding.
  • Investment funds.
  • Pension plans. (see our International Pensions page)
  • Employee benefit arrangements.

Please contact Paul or Iain to discuss your requirements in more detail.