What structure to use?

GlenQ will identify and, in conjunction with you and your advisers, find the most appropriate solution:

A trust and company structure will offer many of the advantages we have previously noted and the trustees at GlenQ we work closely with you to ensure that your needs and wishes continue to be met.

A Jersey Foundation combines many of the benefits of a trust and company and is more familiar to clients from civil law jurisdictions. The client, or Founder, will incorporate the foundation and can appoint family members or trusted advisers to the Council, which makes all the day to day decisions.

For a unique, bespoke alternative where more control is needed and the clients, or their advisers, are to be directly involved, a Private Trust Company (PTC) may be the solution. A PTC is set up for the sole purpose of acting as a trustee for a single family trust, with family members able to sit on the board of the PTC with direct responsibility for all decisions made. Professionals are appointed to manage the trust assets with GlenQ acting as administrator, to action the trustees` decisions and take care of day to day administration. It is not open to general public and does not require to be registered with the local regulator in Jersey.

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